Unicorn Rainbow Tiered Cake

$ 300.00

Cake Flavor
Filling Flavor

Roll Me In Fairy Dust and Call Me a Unicorn!

Everyone needs a little magic, even if they are all grown up! Our NEW Unicorn Rainbow Tiered Cake is simply exquisite with each detail more perfect than the next. Layers of your favorite flavor cake between a lighter, airer filling (either chocolate mousse or vanilla mascarpone), finished with a vanilla Italian meringue buttercream .

The Unicorn Rainbow Cake is complete with ROYGBIV, our favorite colors swirled together making the prettiest details on the exterior. 

 Unicorn 8" Cake
 Rainbow 10" Cake 

Please note that we are not able to do inscriptions on the unicorn cakes - all inscriptions will go on the board around the cake!

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