Celebrate With Cake

Our Custom, Baked-To-Order Cakes Are Made With Real, High Quality, All-Natural Ingredients, ALWAYS!


A Velvety Soft, Creamy, And Totally Irresistible Traditional Brazilian Treat

Padoca; (n)

A slang term in Brazil meaning neighborhood bakery, a place where everyone knows your name. True to our name, we're equally passionate about using real, high quality, all-natural ingredients as we are about our community.

Made in small batches and baked to order, we bake what we love to eat and we can't wait to share with you!

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Celebrate with Cake!

Cakes are kind of our thing. And so is celebrating YOU! Birthday Cake, Gender Reveal Cake, Smash Cake and Number Cakes, Wedding Cake - all the most special occasions - you name it, we celebrate it!

Most importantly, our cake is made with REAL, HIGH QUALITY, ALL-NATURAL ingredients. Yummy and guilt-free!

Hey There!

With a mission to build a community and bring a smile to your face, a dream was born. Padoca, a Brazilian term for neighborhood bakery, opened its doors and hearts in 2015. Today we are thrilled to be growing with two homes in the UES! 

We bake what we love and our favorite past-time is celebrating you! Our PDQ®s, Cakes and Pastries are baked fresh every morning in our LIC kitchen with real, high quality and all-natural ingredients. Come "Cheese The Day!" 

PDQ® | Brazilian Cheese Bread

We're famous for our truly authentic Brazilian Pao de Queijo or what we've coined, PDQ®s. Warm and cheesy. Naturally gluten-free. Soft on the inside, slightly crunchy on the outside.

School and Corporate Gifting

Individually wrapped treats and gifts, DIY kits and events. Email us at contact@padocabakery.com to customize today!

Padoca Bakery

210 E. 67th Street
New York, NY

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Wed - Fri, 7:30am - 4:30pm
Sat - Sun, 8am - 4pm

Padoca Bakery

1663 First Avenue
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Mon - Sun, 8am - 4pm